Anti Gores Clear (Screen Protector) Garmin 62/64 Series

Screen Protector for Garmin 62/64 Series
Anti Gores Clear (isi 3) 
Untuk Garmin GPS 62 62s 62sc 64 64s 64sc
Berguna Melindungi layar GPS anda agar aman dan terhindar dari Goresan
Menjadikan layar GPS anda tetap bening dan terjaga dari debu dan kotoran. 

Package include : 
3x Clear LCD Screen Protector Film

Product Description:
Compatible Model: Garmin 62st 62 62s 62sc 64 64s 64sc
repetitive writing, tapping, or unwanted scratches.
Easy to install, self-adhering to the screen surface. It will leaves no sticky residue if you decide to remove it later.
Explosion-proof film with high sensitivity gives you comfortable touch feeling.

Simplified Installation Instructions: 
Step 1 Thoroughly clean workspace and device.
Step 2 Peel back the protective layer labeled "Adhesive Backing 1" a little.
Step 3 Align the exposed edge of the protector with the edge of the device. A perfect initial alignment ensures the best installation results.
Step 4 Once aligned, slowly lay the protector down.
Step 5 Wrap the squeegee in the microfiber cloth and then press out the air bubbles little by little.
Step 6 Remove the protective film layer labeled "Protective Layer 2".
Step 7 Buff the screen with the microfiber cloth and you're done. Enjoy!

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  • Model: Garmin Screen Protector
  • Manufacturer: Garmin

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